Redesigning the Customer Care call experience


We’ve all gone through the painful experience of getting technical support from service companies. There are no. of problems that are  faced during such calls/ services. In the age of technology can we  perhaps solve these small but frustrating problems in an efficient way?


A one stop app integrated with all the services used by the user categorized contexually.


6 weeks

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A typical customer service call



Primary research mainly included a questionnaire and personal interviews. Secondary research included the history of IVR, functioning of the system, role of the service providers, strategy of the design and existing technologies already looking into this domain.

In a questionnaire across 62 individuals, across genders and age range, these were the findings:

Platform comparison

App Website Service center
  • Too much clutter
  • Searching takes time
  • Completely DIY
  • Need for login, password
  • Need for navigating to get solution
  • Long waiting queues
  • Physical pain of going to the center


Design Brief:

To design a seamless and engaging customer service experience.




The primary goal of the app is to design an engaging but non intrusive helpline service experience that optimizes the user’s time on line. The interactions determine the tone of the user’s purpose and design the experience accordingly.


Making a complaint

As mentioned earlier, the tone of the interactions determine the flow of the call. The level of urgency is thus determined in this step. Long press to drag and drop indicates a complaint while a simple tap indicates there is a query.

Query results


Customer care calls today are not optimised enough to reduce the user’s wait time. Each person’s style of writing or tone of speaking a certain word is almost unique. Here I’m trying to authenticate the user at a basic level by using a ‘keyword’ which the user can write/ speak. This authentication level however does not hold good for accessing complex security bound applications like banking.


If you choose to ‘speak to a human assistant’ there might be incidences of wait time, given the traffic. The user can hence engage in a game relevant to his mental state or just continue browsing his last opened app.

Thank you!