Product for make-up artists


Easing out activities and improving efficiency of Makeup artists by introducing a digital intervention


A smart brush holder that eases out certain tedious tasks involved while applying makeup.


4 weeks

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Beauticians have an important role in Indian womens’ lives. The profession has been around for centuries now but their approaches still seem very traditional. Most tasks are very manual and need a lot of precision, time and effort. Hence i wanted to study the daily activities and tasks of these professionals and see if i could ease out a little bit of their tedious work related tasks.



It was observed that the tools that are used for application require a lot of maintenance and there is no proper method to do the same. Also they are a costly investment and need proper care for a long lasting life. Hence I decided to work on Makeup brushes and their maintenance. The major problems in this area occur at various stages

The story of a makeup brush

Also, I decided to look at some other problems as secondary requirements to my product:

Finalised design brief

To design a portable digital product for professional makeup artists to increase their efficiency and improve experience and hence quality of the work during their routines


Beauty Spot is basically a brush holder that encourages basic hygiene of cleaning brushes before reuse. It comes with an easy spot cleaning console. It ensures that you dont lose any of your precious brushes by arranging them properly and making them rightly visible.

The brushes are sequenced according to their usage. This reduces the cognitive load of finding the right brush at the right time. The side effect of this is also that the clientele can easily keep track of time. Also it comes with a smart mixing ring that will help you understand changes in climate over the day so that you can prep your makeup accordingly